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The Ultimate Wedding Registry Workbook

He'd be perfectly happy to register at Home Depot, but you'd prefer Williams-Sonoma. your mom's insisting on Bloomingdale's. Meanwhile, a dizzying array of needs vs. wants has you wondering how far you can go without going over the top. How can something that should be so much fun become so overwhelming?

Don't panic! Before you and your spouse-to-be start arguing over china patterns or asking yourselves how you can justify a pair of his-and-her mountain bikes, let wedding expert Sharon Naylor take you under her wing with The Ultimate Wedding Registry Workbook.

Learn how to mix and match your wish lists and determine what you really want. Dream big with alternatives that will help you afford a fantasy honeymoon, saver for a house, or make donations to the charity of your choice. With a seasoned pro to show you the registry ropes, you'll discover:
  • the essentials of wedding registry etiquette
  • what grooms most want on the registry list
  • how to shop with your spouse-to-be
  • how to combine households with one list
  • alternates to the traditional registry
  • registering tips for second weddings
  • and much more!
  • All those long-distance relatives who keep asking about the wedding. How you can break the news that they're not invited?
  • The clueless guests who've indicated on their response cards that they're bringing their children. Should you fight it or just have a kids' table?

Filled with handy checklists, time-saving tips, and practical advice, The Ultimate Wedding Registry Workbook will show you how to make the most of your wedding registry...the happily ever after is up to you!

Format: Paperback, 260pp.
Publisher: Citadel Press
Pub. Date: November, 2005