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Mother of the Groom

You couldn't be happier that your son has found the perfect woman to spend his life with—but you really wish you had more to do than pick out a dress and plan the rehearsal dinner, right? Well, you do! With more and more couples paying for their own weddings—and just as many asking for both families to assist in the plans—your role as mother of the groom has never been bigger.

With everything from invitations to locations to flowers to choose, you can help your son and his future wife navigate the sometimes choppy waters of wedding planning with this comprehensive guide, which includes everything you need to know about the wedding industry today. What kind of gift do you want to give the couple? How can you help arrange accomodations for out-of-town guests? It's all here, with plenty of practical words of wisdom to guide you through the choices.

Format: Hardcover, 276pp.
Publisher: Citadel
Pub. Date: April, 2005