Love Bets
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Love Bets

Which player will score the next touchdown?

How long will the wait for a table be at your favorite restaurant?

which family member will be the first to make a Thanksgiving dinner faux pas?

Ready to take a chance on love? With Love Bets you can raise the stakes in romance—one wager at a time! With 300 ready-to-play bets, romantic fun is never far away—and depending on your "risk" level, the payoffs can be big (both in and out of the bedroom). Choose from the provacative selections included inside (rated from tame to racy, to suit every mood!), or make up your own playful "payouts." And don't forget to jot down the details in the space provided for a saucy one-of-a-kind souvenir!

Format: Paperback, 208pp.
Publisher: Adams Media
Pub. Date: Dec 2008