Your “Don’t” Lists

An important part of planning your wedding is knowing what you DON’T want, which clears away the clutter and all those suggestions from other people, allowing you both to get clear about what you DO want.

And talking together about your Don’ts gets you communicating about what’s most important for your wedding day.

So print out and use the following worksheets as an essential part of your planning process…

[Plus, it makes life easier when you can hand these worksheets  to your vendors!]

Click on the links below to download the lists

What the Bridesmaids Don’t Want For Their Dresses

What We Don’t Want For the Wedding Cake

What We Don’t Want In Our Ceremony

What We Don’t Want For Flowers and Décor

Foods We Don’t Want Served at the Wedding

What We Don’t Want for the Honeymoon

Songs We Don’t Want Played At the Wedding

What We Don’t Want For Our Wedding Vows

What I Don’t Want For My Wedding Gown