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The Bride's Diplomacy Guide

You're stressed out-and not just because of big budgets and endless to-do lists. It's the people you love who are driving you crazy, including:
  • Your mother and future-mother-in-law, who are feuding over everything. Is it okay to "fire" them?
  • All those long-distance relatives who keep asking about the wedding. How you can break the news that they're not invited?
  • The clueless guests who've indicated on their response cards that they're bringing their children. Should you fight it or just have a kids' table?
&A format, making it easy for you to hold your ground-and your tongue-with your family, friends, and wedding professionals. . . . So you can all live happily ever after.

Format: Paperback, 256pp.
Publisher: Adams Media
Pub. Date: December, 2007